Monday, March 27, 2006

Sad News

Yesterday... can it really only be one days ago?.. we heard the awful news that Amrita has died in Zambia. We are all shocked. Sujatin writes:
"there is one less bodhisattva on the earth tonight
Within ten minutes of me posting this my phone rang. It was Sudana, Amrita's partner, to tell me that she died in Zambia this morning of an asthma attack, with no inhaler - she had either run out or, quite likely, had given her supply away to others she deemed needed them more. This would have been in character. "lotusinthemud: Amrita, in shorts, is on far right in this picture, taken last summer. Others, from left, Willemien, Sujatin and myself.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Hans Haenlein Architects - Tithandizane, Primary Health Care Centre, Mortuary

Willemien is currently in Zambia. One of the things the project there is doing is building a mortuary because there is a lot of difficulty storing bodies in the heat, and many people cannot afford to pay hospitals to store them after the death of a loved one. Obviously this causes great distress. This is one of the many ways Thitandizane is helping people in the villages it serves. Do help us support this and other projects - donations always welcome.
"Tithandizane, Primary Health Care Centre, Mortuary, Chipata, Zambia
The aim of Tithandizane is to try to alleviate the problems of HIV/AIDS in Kamulaza and the surrounding community of 72 villages in the rural eastern province of Zambia. Hans Haenlein Architects were asked to advise on the design of a mortuary in September 2005 by Rev. Linda Dhammika.
The most effective method to cool a building is to keep the heat from building up in the first place. The primary source of heat gain is sunlight absorbed by a building through the roof, walls and windows. Light coloured exterior surfaces (roof and walls) effectivly reflect most of the heat. Roughly 40% of the unwanted heat that builds up in buildings comes in through windows therefore the area of any openings is to be reduced to a minimum. Natural ventilation can reduce indoor temperatures and help remove heat.

REad more about the design for Tithandizane's Mortuary:

Friday, March 24, 2006

Mum & Dad

  We spent a few days with my Mum & Dad in Ilfracombe on Sunday and Monday this week. This photo was taken on a walk up over the hills - they are great walkers! Also enjoyed a service at the local Parish Church where my Dad had been invited to preach (he's a retired Methodist minister) Hope I stay as fit as my Mum!

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Yaakov and Orna join the Amida School

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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

walk by the lake

  yesterday, a beautiful walk on the lake shore. today, rain. writing enabled, we do not move far from the fireside Posted by Picasa

Monday, March 06, 2006

Staying at Sundari's cottage

 A few days away, staying in the Peak District Posted by Picasa

Friday, March 03, 2006

Pull the other one, Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola warned the education secretary it might withdraw its vending machines network from schools over her ban on "junk food", letters show.

...according to the BBC... Coca Cola's threat to Ruth Kelly included the almost unbelievable suggestion that children's health would be compromised by the removal of these vending machines!

Coca-Cola's letter argued that many soft drinks provided 'significant nutritional and functional benefits'.
As an example, one 'no added sugar' product - which contains two artificial sweeteners - was fortified with vitamins and minerals.
The fruit and water mixture, it said, provided one of the recommended 'five a day' servings of fruit and vegetables.

Walking meditation, Thorpe Meadows

 This morning, bright and frosty, we did walking meditation in Thorpe Meadows, just across the river from The Buddhist House. Chanted Amitabha's name, as we walked on crisp frozen grass, then, standing in a circle we sang Ippen's hymn. Finally we stood, holding hands, thinking of Saille and sending her good wishes as she faces another operation.
More pictures on Dharmavidya's site

Thursday, March 02, 2006

John and Susthama in the snow


Its snowing today. A new experience for John Zulu, having lived all his life in Zambia. More familiar to Susthama, from Canada, but still fun Posted by Picasa