Monday, March 27, 2006

Sad News

Yesterday... can it really only be one days ago?.. we heard the awful news that Amrita has died in Zambia. We are all shocked. Sujatin writes:
"there is one less bodhisattva on the earth tonight
Within ten minutes of me posting this my phone rang. It was Sudana, Amrita's partner, to tell me that she died in Zambia this morning of an asthma attack, with no inhaler - she had either run out or, quite likely, had given her supply away to others she deemed needed them more. This would have been in character. "lotusinthemud: Amrita, in shorts, is on far right in this picture, taken last summer. Others, from left, Willemien, Sujatin and myself.


Blogger DaBeiSyin said...

Amitabha. It is sad to hear that a good person has left the earth. I hope Amitabha Buddha has led her home already.
Why do you all wear red?

11:00 pm  
Blogger Prasada said...

Thank you for your coment. Yes it has ben a very sad time. We wear red in the Amida Order because it is the colour of our robes. For "everyday" we wear ordinary rd clothes, because we are an engaged order, so they are more practical. Amitabha is the red Buddha, so the colour is quite appropriate

2:36 pm  

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