Friday, March 03, 2006

Pull the other one, Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola warned the education secretary it might withdraw its vending machines network from schools over her ban on "junk food", letters show.

...according to the BBC... Coca Cola's threat to Ruth Kelly included the almost unbelievable suggestion that children's health would be compromised by the removal of these vending machines!

Coca-Cola's letter argued that many soft drinks provided 'significant nutritional and functional benefits'.
As an example, one 'no added sugar' product - which contains two artificial sweeteners - was fortified with vitamins and minerals.
The fruit and water mixture, it said, provided one of the recommended 'five a day' servings of fruit and vegetables.


Blogger Sujatin said...

Shakes head in disbelief

9:52 pm  
Blogger Prasada said...

of course the backdrop is that schools make income from having drinks machines in their schools. What a sad state things have come to.

9:01 am  

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