Thursday, April 13, 2006

Visit to the Peak District

A short break in the Peak District. David and I spent a night in a B&B getting a little recuperation before the run up to the conference starts.

I helped this toad across the road. We had just got back into the car when I looked up and saw him hopping across the tarmac. A lorry was just coming down the hill, so I lept out of the car and grabbed him. The two men in the lorry were very amused as I showed them what I'd just picked up! the pic was taken after I'd put him safely in the grass in the hedgerow. Guess he'd better remember me when he gets to be a prince!

Saturday, April 08, 2006

visitors from India

Lalita and Perumal visited from Pondicherry. They are two of the people Modgala met in Tamil Nadu this year. Lalita is involved in alternative education through the group Adecom, teaching people who have missed out through the conventional systems. Perumal works with street theatre. Lalita is next to Dharmavidya at the back of the group. Perumal is on the other side. Next to him is Lauren, a student from Bath Spa University who has been with us all week on placement.

Friday, April 07, 2006

Caring for animals

Last Saturday, April 1st, we took part in a multi-faith procession through Oxford which Susthama had organised in support of the campaign against the building of animal laboratories for Oxford University. Led by Catherine in her wheel chair, representatives from different groups carried animal sized coffins through the town centre to the site of the new labs, where we held a service then laid them in front of the building.

AMRITA OBITUARY: Guardian Unlimited

Guardian Unlimited | Obituaries | Obituary: The Rev Linda Amrita Dhammika: "Obituary

The Rev Linda Amrita Dhammika

Caroline Brazier
Friday April 7, 2006
The Guardian

The Rev Linda Amrita Dhammika, who has died aged 50 from an asthma attack, spent her life working for the destitute, the sick, and for animals, principally in Africa.
Her mission culminated in the founding of the Tithandizane primary health care project at Kamulaza, Zambia, which she built from 1997 onwards into a thriving centre serving 72 villages. Five hectares of land were made available; charity grants were found; villagers contributed labour; and five buildings were constructed. Today, the centre provides medical care, training, counselling and community services.
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Sunday, April 02, 2006

Amrita's Funeral and Memorial Service

You can read an account of Amrita's funeral on the Amida Order blog. It begins: "We, here at The Buddhist House, have just been communicating via Skype with our friends in Zambia. The funeral of Reverend Amrita Dhammika took place yesterday morning. She was buried with full ceremony. For two nights prior to the ceremony there was dancing around her coffin and lamentation. The ceremonial which took several hours was a mix of Buddhist and local custom. Sr Modgala and Willemien Hoogendoorn took a central role in the proceedings which were appropriate in all respects. Well over one thousand people attended. Amrita was dressed in her Ngoni costume and her Buddhist robe when her body was laid to rest. The inspiration that Amrita has given to the people of this afflicted part of Africa is immense. She was an indefatigable worker for compassion to all sentient beings - a true bodhisattva - and she gave her life for them. It now seems that the cause of death was in fact malaria rather than asthma as originally reported. "

volunteer radio

Before they left for India, the volunteers recorded a interview with some young people from a mult-faith media group. This is now on the Radio Leicester site. So you can hear about their hopes and expectations prior to the trip to India.