Thursday, October 11, 2007

Seeing Saille off

Today Saille left to return to Canada. She has gone back to be with her sister who is sick. Her departure was somewhat dramatic. At 8.00 after a farewell breakfast with delicious scones cooked by Alex, we set out to drive her to Bedford from where she can get a direct train to Gatwick. We had plenty of time as her train was at 10.00 and her flight at 2.00. Hardly had we turned onto the motorway, however, than the car engine just died. I pulled onto the hard shoulder whence we assessed the situation. Dharmavidya went to phone from the emergency phone whilst Susthama climbed down the embankment onto an ordinary road and set out to find someone with a mobile who'd let her ring the Buddhist House. To cut a long story short, Alex came to the rescue and picked up Saille and took her to the station. We have yet to hear but hope she made it to Gatwick in time. We meanwhile were eventually rescued by a nice RAC man who brought me and the car home (Susthama and Dharmavidya walked because there was not room in his van: they got back first!) Car awaiting possible repair, or we'll be looking for a replacement! Namo Amida Bu


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