Thursday, October 04, 2007

Jodo-shu statement on Burma

Statement on the Buddhist Channel website from the Jodo (Pure Land) Shu Buddhist Denomination on Bringing Peace to Burma
October 2, 2007
We at Jodo Shu profess our belief in non-violence and deny any warlike or military means for resolving problems, no matter the reason.
At this time, we would like to address the situation in Burma of the peaceful demonstrations by the general citizens and monastic sangha, which was formed through the Buddha’s Way. We have come to be informed that the government has used violence in response and created numerous fatalities, including one Japanese citizen. Furthermore, they have imprisoned many citizens and monks as well as looting and destroying Buddhist temples. We would like to express our indignation and deep regret about these actions. From prehistoric times up to today, humans have continued to conflict with each other. Not only has this injured and deprived many people of their lives, but has given rise to the despair and hatred of the mourning families. Peace cannot be established through violent force. Violent force gives rise to enmity as well being the trigger to an endless cycle of revenge. Shakyamuni Buddha once taught, “Everyone fears violence. Everyone cherishes life. Seeing others as oneself, one should neither kill nor allow others to be killed.” Dhammapada 130. Burma is a country with a deep Buddhist history. 90% of its citizens are devout Buddhist followers. We are shocked and cannot help being gravely concerned that Burma is now trying to resolve its problems through violence.It is our heartfelt wish that the Government of Myanmar immediately free those detained monks and citizens, and demonstrate a policy of resolving this conflict peacefully through dialogue. It is also our hope that the Japanese government and various related bodies will continue to make efforts to resolve the situation. We Jodo Shu priests and followers will not cease to pray for the rapid establishment of a world of co-existence in which humans non-violently trust, love and help one another. Sincerely In the Dharma, Rev. Kojun Inaoka Secretary General of Jodo Shu


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