Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Death Penalty last minute hold again in Florida

Having just returned from Florida, we heard in an email from Paul saying that Mr. A.D. Rutherford got a last minute “stay of execution” from the US Supreme Court. His execution was scheduled for 6 pm. They received a call at 6:15 notifying them of the stay. Having seen two cases, this seems to be a pattern - they seem to wait till the last minute - with the guy last week they had him strapped down and the lines inserted in their arm before the stay came through - it sounds as if this one was the same. Of course this is not clemency or a reprieve, so they are still on death row, so this will happen again probably. If this isn't torture.... Many people give up in the end and become "volunteers" to get it over with, choosing execution rather than pursuing the endless legal process (picture from press conference last week)
to read more on this issue see Dharmavidya's comments


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