Friday, January 27, 2006

Death penalty - last minute hold on this weeks execution

On Wednesday we attended a press conference held to support the plea for clemency for the man due to be executed next week. Meanwhile, drama unfolding as the execution die to occur yesterday was held at the last minute on a human rights plea (the method of execution, it was argued, caused unnecessary pain) so there is a stay of execution for a short while at least. What crazy inhumanity. I stood in the small crowd that assembled to show solidarity at the press conference. Members of the condemned man's family were there - his daughters, ordinary young women, yet so strong and brave in their willingness to spea up for their Dad. The whole situation quite surreal - how can these people really be pleading with thier own country's authorities not to kill their father. What do they tell their kids. It cut me up when the older daughter described telling her son this might be the last time he saw his grandad. Judy has been working on this case all week- a tough job. She is moderately hopeful of getting clemency on this one.

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