Thursday, January 13, 2005

California: Eagle on a pine

On the sparse pine tree
Surveying mountains and lake
The eagle, black winged, sits
Only when I leave the car
Deigning to fly, soars downward

Drove to Redding yesterday. The sky deep, surreal blue, contrasts with the snow capped peaks of volcanoes. Mount St Helens, a cone of rock rises from the cloud, a faint stream of vapour rising from her summit. Mount Hood, sharp, classically angular. Mount Shasta, magestic. On our descent we take detour round Shasta lake. water levels low revealing orange rocky margins. On a nend i the road David ays, "Look at that bird". We stop the car and watch an eagle perched on a branch closeby for ten minutes or more. Only when I get out of the car does he strectch thise huge wings and fly.


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