Monday, December 27, 2004

Bradgate Park

Went for walk in Bradgate park today. A magnificant area North of Leicester. Full of people enjoying the winter sunshine, the ground frozen crisp and white underfoot. The park rises to high crags from which one can view the city of Leicester and a huge panorama of Leicestershire out to the South and East.

On the hill top, a memorial. Remembering soldiers lost in battle. A small bronze plaque says "remember you are on holy ground". Is not all ground holy? I will take this plaque as my moto today.

Primeaval forms of rocks and old twisted trees. Oaks and pines, clinging to sparse soil between the rocks. These remind me of the eternal. This is the land of Vairochana, the ultimate or cosmic Buddha, the Dharmakaya. I am reminded of a poem I wrote two years ago and my sense of connection to the spiritual heart that inspired it. I rather think I was somewhere near that monument when I wrote it.

Bradgate Park

Dark volcanic crags
Erupting from the bracken
Break the winter sky
In cold air rising, my heart,
Embracing the sunlight, leaps

Amida Trust Poetry: Bradgate Park:


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